Adoption, Decency, and Love: Closing Out our 2020 NRI Virtual Events on Faith, Hope & Love


During the course of the year, I’ve interviewed many voices in religion and civil society about what on earth is going on and how we can live better and help others in it. Wednesday we have the first of our last three virtual events , continuing a series on Making Sense of 2020. The first was on Finding God in the Coronavirus Crisis. You can watch it here.

Next up: Malka Groden and Naomi Schaefer Riley and I will talk about children in foster care and what this year has been like for the most vulnerable children and how better to help children find forever families. It’s also our Hanukkah special. RSVP to watch on Zoom with us here. It will be at 2 p.m. New York time.

You can also watch it on the National Review Institute‘s YouTube or Facebook pages.

On Friday, I will be talking to Daniel Darling about his book,

And next Wednesday, Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P., will join me to wrap up the year and look forward. His book Made for Love, Loved by God is a great place to end and start/begin again. And so we will. RSVP here for the Zoom. And, again, it will also be live on NRI’s YouTube and Facebook pages. Last 2 p.m. Northeast time NRI virtual event of the year.

Please consider joining us for any or all of these.

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