Believe the Eyes Not the Liars – President Trump Destroyed Joe Biden


Believe your eyes – not the liars – the truth cannot be broken.

Big Tech, Big Media and the Democrats want you to believe that corrupt and senile and old Joe Biden beat President Trump in the 2020 election.  This is a lie.

President Trump entertained 1.1 Million since Labor Day to Joe Biden’s less than 2,000 supporters are events:

TRENDING: HUGE! Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump — Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ, MN!

Every day since Labor Day President Trump destroyed Big Media and Big Tech in there efforts to claim the President was losing the election. The President outsmarted them by showing his supporters they were the majority, not the elites pushing for Biden:

President Trump had crowds as big as 58,000 but many of Joe Biden’s events had no supporters. The media allowed into the Biden events could not ask questions or report on his many terrible blunders. The fix was in but Americans saw through it:

Today they colluded and lied and told us Joe Biden beat President Trump in the race for President.

We know they are lying. We see it with our own two eyes. We will win this war against evil. We will not lie or bow to their corrupt measures. We will fight on and we will win. We are just getting started.

The fight continues.

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