Man Who Threatened To Kill Twitter, YouTube CEOs In Comments Section Busted For Child Pornography


Authorities caught a Missouri man who previously threatened to murder several tech CEOs with child porn and a “child-like sex doll” in his closet, according to The New York Post.

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Matthew Bryan Thilges, 56, of Jefferson County threatened the lives of tech bosses in YouTube comments, according to The New York Post.

Thilges reportedly said he wanted to “stick a sword right through” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “must die,” FBI Special Agent Kyle Storm wrote in an affidavit, according to the Post.

Thilges used email addresses to make these disparaging comments including “jackisaterrorist” and “guugleisfascistpig,” according to the Post. (RELATED: ‘Really Weird People’: Josh Hawley Rips Power Of Big Tech’s ‘Modern-Day Aristocracy’ To Suppress Speech)

“Democratic children are easier to shoot than democrat ‘parents,’” Thilges wrote on Oct. 6, according to the outlet.

“No more talk,” he allegedly wrote two days prior. “Just shoot to kill. Anywhere and everywhere. I am a staunch vehement conservative libertarian and I have absolutely had enough of government thugs and government bureaucrats,” The New York Posted reported.

These comments prompted FBI agents to gain access to Thilges’ home, where they found the sex doll and pictures of a partially clothed girl on his phone, The New York Post reported on the affidavit. Thilges was charged in federal court and a judge ordered him to remain in jail until his trial.

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