Meteor Falling To Earth Causes Massive Flash And Sonic Boom Near Lake Ontario


NASA reported Wednesday night a meteor traveling at 56,000 miles per hour and breaking into pieces 22 miles above New York state, according to NBC News.

Meteor shower. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. Not affiliated with meteor in this story. By Vadim Sadovski. Shutterstock.

The meteor, which created a sonic boom and flash over Lake Ontario visible from Washington D.C., broke between Rochester and Syracuse, Bill Cook, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, said, according to NBC News.

In Syracuse’s Onondaga County, emergency dispatchers received 911 calls reporting the sound, the outlet reported. Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society said since most calls were in Syracuse, that’s likely where the meteor blew to bits, according to NBC News.

Video from Toronto’s 1,815–foot CN Tower captured the flare from the meteor. (RELATED: Giant Green Flaming Meteor Flies Over Chicago [VIDEO])

“To have something so close to a major city, that’s pretty rare,” Lunsford said, according to NBC News. Lunsford continued, saying that most meteors “drop in the water.”

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