Police Arrest Driver Immediately After Screeching Tires at Trump Supporters


Los Angeles police officers pulled over and arrested the driver of a sedan after he peeled out in front of a group of Trump supporters. A video tweeted Monday shows the driver spinning his tires and rapidly accelerating away in plain view of police.

A video tweeted Monday morning shows a man driving a white sedan stopping in front of a group of Trump supporters in Los Angeles. The driver begins spinning his tires creating a cloud of smoke.

As the man accelerates away, a Los Angeles police car turns immediately pulls him over. Moments later, police are seen placing the man in handcuffs.

The incident follows a weekend of support in the Los Angeles area for the re-election of President Donald Trump.

An event in Beverly Hills drew thousands of people who danced and shouted their support for the president, Breitbart News’ Alana Mastrangelo reported.

Whitney R., who attended the rally and supplied photographs told Breitbart, “The silent majority is silenced no more.”

She said, “Chants of hope, freedom, and inclusion rang throughout the streets of Beverly Hills… it was an incredible feeling.”

Early on during the event, a group of anti-Trump protesters showed up and attempted to disrupt the peaceful rally. Trump supporters shouted “USA, USA” in the face of the Antifa protesters.

The rally continued with thousands of people gathered and showed their support for President Trump’s re-election on Tuesday.

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