President Trump Hammers Former and Fired FBI Heads Andrew McCabe and James Comey in Late Night Tweet


President Trump fired off a tweet  on Andrew McCabe who was exposed in the US Senate on Tuesday.

The President called former FBI leader Andrew McCabe an ignorant fool and stated that the great people of the FBI must make sure that both McCabe and his former boss and fired FBI Director James Comey pay the price for what they did to the reputation of the FBI.

The President tweeted:

TRENDING: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost — Using Dominion and Other Systems

The President later tweeted that McCabe shoud be held accountable and pay a big price:

We’ve reported on McCabe’s many lies multiple times:

EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Instances Where Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Who Set Up Meeting with General Flynn at the White House, Lied and Lied

McCabe and Comey should be held accountable for their crimes.

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