Protesters Get Violent with NYC Police


Post-election protesters in New York City fought with police officers on Wednesday night. Video captures the chaos that ensued as officers attempted to make arrests.

Protesters in New York City became violent Wednesday night. They began burning piles of trash on street corners, videos tweeted by journalist Kitty Shackleford revealed.

Police confronted protesters on the street and a fight broke out as NYPD officers attempted to arrest one man.

Police eventually contain the protesters and attempt to make an arrest. As they do, protesters attempt to retrieve their suspect and a brawl ensues.

Hundreds of officers poured into the area and secured the scene — lining up protesters along a wall.

Protesters shouted “No more presidents” and “No Cops, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

In another incident, police reportedly arrested at least four people as more fights broke out.

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