The Left Is Demanding Evidence of Fraud After Years of Pushing Baseless Accusations


The left has no right to lecture the rest of us about “evidence.”

Now that Trump’s team is investigating allegations of fraud in the 2020 election, evidence has all of a sudden become important to Democrats and leftists in the media.

Numerous affidavits testifying to various types of election fraud have been filed in courts in several swing states. These affidavits constitute evidence of fraud, but those allegations have yet to be proven by those courts and the legal action remains ongoing.

So where was the desire for a proper judicial process when the left condemned Brett Kavanaugh of being a serial gang rapist?

When the Democratic Party made its case against now-Justice Kavanaugh during Senate hearings back in 2018, many left-wing politicians and media personalities were quick to condemn him based solely on unreliable testimony.

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Kavanaugh’s primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, showed an inability to remember key details and changed her story multiple times.

According to sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, Ford’s case wasn’t even solid enough to meet a “preponderance-of-the-evidence” standard of proof, a much lower hurdle to clear than the typical beyond-a-reasonable-doubt standard.

“In a legal context, here is my bottom line: A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove,” Mitchell said.

“But this case is even weaker than that. Dr. Ford identified other witnesses in the event, and those witnesses either refuted her allegations or failed to corroborate them. For the reasons discussed below, I do not think that a reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence before the Committee. Nor do I believe that this evidence is sufficient to satisfy the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard.”

Does the left care about evidence?

In addition to Ford, the left unquestionably championed the claims of two additional accusers — Julie Swetnick and Deborah Ramirez.

Swetnick, who claimed Kavanaugh was “present” when she was a victim of a “train” rape, later backed off her claims after none of the four people she said would corroborate her story were able to do so, according to The Washington Times.

Swetnick later admitted that she merely witnessed Kavanaugh and his friend standing next to a punch bowl as he handed out cups to girls.

Ramirez’s accusations were similarly dubious when she accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a dormitory party at Yale.

Kavanaugh’s accuser was at first unable to “characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty” and was later incapable of finding corroborating witnesses.

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A standard of evidence didn’t matter to the left then.

It also didn’t matter when they refused to accept the results of the 2016 election for four years.

They can cry all they want about the right’s reaction to 2020, but even the wildest of far-right conspiracy theories pale in comparison to the absurd circus show that was the Russiagate conspiracy.

To this day, many members of the Democratic Party claim that Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to steal the 2016 election.

Democrats and left-wing media personalities still push this theory, even though the Steele Dossier has been discredited as an unreliable document authored by a Democratic operative, and despite the fact that the Mueller Report showed no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

And if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the left returned to the Russia narrative again leading up to 2020’s presidential election.

When The New York Post dropped its bombshell report detailing the contents of a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, which appeared to show an illicit meeting between then-vice president Joe Biden and a Ukrainian official, the left claimed again that the laptop and subsequent coverage of it was merely Russian interference.

There was no evidence to back up that claim.

In fact, the FBI later confirmed that the story was not Russian disinformation after acquiring the laptop.

Evidence is important. When it comes to finding truth, the American public should always demand evidence.

That remains the case whether it is the media or the sitting president of the United States making the accusations.

All that being said, the left has no place to lecture anyone on the necessity of “evidence.”

Because as soon as it’s no longer convenient to require a certain burden of proof, they’ll go right back to bending that truth in whatever manner best suits their narrative.

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