Twitter Hires Fei-Fei Li who Led Google Efforts with the Chinese Communist Party to Vet Online Speech


President Trump asked the US Senate this week to change rules on the Section 230 provision that gives the tech giants unlimited power to control and censor speech on the internet today.

The GOP senators ignored President Trump’s request and passed Senator Mike Lee’s bill which he has been pushing for years that brings in more cheap labor for US companies while stealing good paying jobs from US workers and ignores Section 230 protections.

The American people and Trump voters stand with Trump on this issue.
GOP senators stood with the globalists and power-hungry elites.

And now this…
Twitter hired AI expert Fei-Fei Li recently. They are going full-speed ahead with their plans to rid America of free speech rights.

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Fei-Fei Li worked with the Communist Chinese government to vet and censor online speech in China.

Of course, they called this a plan to “identify racist content and hate speech” but we all know what that means.

Say goodbye to your free speech rights.
God help us.

Radio Free Asia reported:

Commentators have been raising concerns over Twitter’s recent hiring of artificial intelligence (AI) star Fei-Fei Li, who has links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Twitter appointed Stanford professor and former Google vice president Li to its board as an independent director earlier this month, citing her AI expertise.

Li’s appointment came after she left her role as chief scientist of AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) at Google Cloud in October 2018 following a controversy surrounding Google’s Project Maven initiative, which helped the Pentagon identify drone targets from blurry video footage.

The project prompted an employee revolt at Google, with some 4,000 signing a petition against Project Maven, and some quitting in protest.

Li was also instrumental in the setting up of a new Google AI lab in China.

Twitter currently uses an AI technique called deep learning to recommend tweets to its users and also uses AI to identify racist content and hate speech, or content from extremist groups.

France-based commentator Wang Longmeng said hiring Li to work at Twitter was like hiring a fox to guard the hen-coop.

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