World War I Museum Vandalized With Communist Symbols And Anti-Voting Messages


The National WWI Museum in Kansas City, Missouri was vandalized with communist symbols ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, the museum posted on Twitter.

The spray painted message on the building said “Don’t Vote!” and “Fight for Revolution,” with a hammer and sickle, the museum’s image shows.

The building is also functioning as a voting location during the presidential election.

“This morning our stonework was defaced. We are proud to be a polling location & condemn this attempt at voter intimidation. Our democracy is something that generations of veterans, including those in WWI, have fought to defend. We hope you’ll vote today & make your voice heard,” the post says.

Hours after the vandalism was reportedly discovered, the museum brought in professionals to assess the damage and clean the paint off of the building. 

Numerous other statues, memorials, and other structures have been defaced in recent months with communist symbols. Large-scale vandalism, including the destruction of property, took place across the country amid protests and riots following the death of George Floyd.

In May, the First World War Memorial in Pittsburgh was vandalized with communist symbols. 

A month later, a World War II memorial in Charlotte was spray painted with a hammer and sickle along with the words “Glory to the day of heroism June 19, 1986, referring to the date that communist rebels overthrew three different Peru prisons. The leftist revolutionaries constructed bombs and murdered police officers, according to a 1986 New York Times report. (RELATED: Communist Emblem Spray Painted On North Carolina WWII Memorial)

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