White House pledges to hold Biden press conference in March


The White House pledged Friday to hold a real press conference with President Biden before the end of the month.

Mr. Biden is under pressure to face reporters directly. He’s been in the job for more than 40 days, and his predecessors were willing to take the podium shortly after taking office.

“We’re working on setting a final date for that,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

Ms. Psaki argued Mr. Biden has been busy dealing with the COVID-19 and economic crises. 
She also said he takes questions at times from reporters — a reference to “pool sprays” in which a subset of reporters shout questions at him during White House events.

“He takes questions multiple times a week,” Ms. Psaki said.

Pool sprays are often hectic — wranglers shuffle reporters out eventually — and not as structured as a full press conference.

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